UR-BAAN ‘A Journey Back Home’

Competition Proposal :  Developing world today faces increasing migratory population and lack of land in the urban areas. It is essential to develop closely knit communities who identify each other and resemble to the villages they hail from. The concept of an ideal home vastly differs from country to country, individual to individual. This transformation…


“It’s a beautiful morning with the rays of the sun softly penetrating the leaves of a majestic tree. I can feel aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the air. Looking at the circular window of the kitchen, the view is as calm as the steaming cup of fresh energy.  I sit satisfied to strum a few…

Go Green : Glass Bottle Wall

Most awaited moment. Yes delighted to share our another effort to use alternate material “GLASS BOTTLES” in building staircase shaft wall. We strategically chose West Wall to filter out the harsh sun. The beautiful green takes you back to the times when we all enjoyed stained glass openings.  

Our Passion : Lakes

Yes I have been waiting for the opportunity to share our understanding of how development around the Lakes should happen. Today I feel happy that our team efforts have been acknowledged and we won Concept Design on Badkhal Lakefront Development at Faridabad.  I have a Lake next to my home, and see daily apathy it’s going through….

Narayani Residence

Words from Sneha Nadigar (Intern at RnG)  It is often enthralling to hear someone talk about something that is very close to their heart or very dear to them. When they take you on a journey so special and their narrative, carefully strings together all those pieces to make one perfect memory. I too, was…

filler slab in making

As a young entrepreneur, I wanted to experiment ideas I’m passionate about. We got this opportunity with one of our clients “Mr. Shanbhag”, who undoubtedly supported architectural team and the contractor to execute our ideas. What you see in the picture is commonly called “filler slab”. Idea is to reduce use of concrete and steel….