filler slab in making

As a young entrepreneur, I wanted to experiment ideas I’m passionate about. We got this opportunity with one of our clients “Mr. Shanbhag”, who undoubtedly supported architectural team and the contractor to execute our ideas.

What you see in the picture is commonly called “filler slab”. Idea is to reduce use of concrete and steel. Fill the spaces with any other material that can beautify ceiling below. So we save on plaster and painting of the ceiling as well.  Here we used Hollow clay tiles as our filler material.

During construction, I realized how we are loosing skill industry. The achieved product is good because our contractor had done such roofs decades ago.  None of his clients and architects ever explored potential he carried. Today all young masons and contractors aren’t aware of these techniques to follow  and take  ahead. This reminds me how ” Prof. Anil Laul”, always said that the our Industry is integration of “artists, artisans, architects and engineers”. Together we can give more beautiful buildings.

Yes, its high time that we learn from our contractors hands on job before it dies off. Its also our responsibility to let these ideas known to new masons and contractors.

I shall soon share the finished product .. till then lets load our shoulders and teach skills. keep them alive.


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  1. geetikaras says:

    Hi RNG architects. The work sounds amazing and ecological friendly too. The best part of you guys is you are different and apart from the league. The sturdiness of traditional ideas need to be fused with contemporary. Great step!!


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