Our Passion : Lakes

Yes I have been waiting for the opportunity to share our understanding of how development around the Lakes should happen. Today I feel happy that our team efforts have been acknowledged and we won Concept Design on Badkhal Lakefront Development at Faridabad. 

I have a Lake next to my home, and see daily apathy it’s going through. This has always kept me inquisitive to study about water resources and management. A lake isn’t just water source what you see. It is deeply integrated with our lives both in tangible and intangible ways. I respect the fact we were taught to be sensitive to all water resources around us. But unfortunately lately our EQ (Emotional Quotient) has terribly changed us to insensitive humans.


Delighted to share experiences of our young team: 

Working on Badhkal Lake redevelopment was a pleasant experience right from the start till the end. conservation of any lake is very important as it is a natural balance preserving reservoir. Lakes are also the best available fresh water source on earth’s surface. They are very valuable for maintaining the water table, fishing, water transport, recreation and as well as tourism. Studying  the various aspects of Badkhal lake, its surroundings , the present condition and the scenic history that it possess made us understand the sensitive issues that is faced by our carelessness and  lack of attention towards nature. This experience on learning more about eco system, heritage, lakes and various connecting links made me realise that we need to start understanding the importance of lakes and how it supports our eco system and be more attentive towards it.

————Sneha Rao (Junior Architect, RnG Architects)

To be involved in the design process was a great experience. Intervened with the fun time in designing was learning as well. It involved being sensitive towards a given subject, analysing the situation and proposing a subtle intervention. This highlights the roles and responsibilities of an architect in protecting the environment (flora, fauna, water body..) of that region  and yet involving the ‘common man’ (public factor) and balancing everything in the right way. Also adding on to it, to create awareness among the common man through the design intervention is equally important.

————-Sushmitha Nag (Intern, RnG Architects)


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